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    Adhesive tape manufacturer since 1984

    Wingtai (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture founded in 1984 with two factories in Guangdong and Zhejiang province, the first company that integrates the research, production and marketing in adhesive products. The original products BOPP pressure-sensitive packing tape, double-sided tape, stationery tape, and aluminum foil tape filled up the blank of the China adhesive tape production and application field. Wingtai has two factories with an annual output of 1 billion square meters adhesive tapes and 70000 tons adhesive, which becomes the most influential companies of China adhesive tape products in brand and scale.

    Our Products

    Water base double sided adhesive tape
    BOPP low noise tape
    Colored tape
    Water base double sided adhesive tape
    Embroidery double face tape
    Nameplate industrial tape
    Masking tape
    Foam tape

    Super clear packaging tape
    General transparent tape
    Solvent base heavy duty tape
    Solvent base two sided tape
    Strong double sided tape
    Double sided film tape
    Electrical tape
    Aluminum foil tape

    Crystal clear sealing tape
    Printed tape
    Double sided tape
    Hotmelt double sided sticky tape
    Heavy duty double sided tape
    Duct tape
    Paper tape
    Packing tape dispenser

    Factory Overview

    founded 1984

    Founded in 1984

    Wingtai is the pioneer in China’s adhesive industry in mainland China that integrates research, development, manufacturing and sales of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and adhesives.


    Global Presence

    2 major production bases in Guangdong and Zhejiang.
    Over 40 product series and 150+ varieties supplied globally.
    Leading global adhesive tape supplier.


    Industry Honors

    A-level taxpayer, national high-tech enterprise. Vice-chairman unit of China Adhesive and Adhesive Tape Industry Association, member unit of National Adhesive Standardization Technical Committee.


    Sales Office

    Headquarters in Guangdong.
    7 branch companies and 14 offices in China, serving over 50,000 end users.

    QC center

    Lab & QC center

    24 Hours monitoring
    ISO9001 & ISO14001 certificate,
    Guangdong Clean Energy production enterprise.

    Technical Center

    The Technology Center is responsible for drafting national and industry standards for adhesive products and their technical specifications.


    Glue Workshop

    Reactor Capacities: 10 tons (3 sets), 20 tons (1 set), 25 tons (1 set), 38 tons (1 set) for Water-based, solvent-based adhesive, Hybrid and hot melt adhesive.

    2M-coating-line (1)

    Coating Workshop

    Italian 2M coating line, fully enclosed, dustproof, and mosquito-proof.
    Various types of coating machines for films, paper, and metal. Annual production capacity exceeds 100,000 m2.


    Automatic slitter

    6 sets Italian fully automatic slitters and packers. Various packing way for super market. Produce 800 + million squarementer adhesive tape per year.

    18 Patents

    • A mechanical liquid control switch
    • A manufacturing method of low noise tape
    • Water purifier filter tape and preparation method thereof
    • An automatic stacking machine for electrical tape
    • A multi-purpose heat shrink packer
    • Aluminum foil tape for bonding and fixing smart toilet seat heaters and preparation method
    • Double-sided tape for computer embroidery and preparation method
    • A kind of double-sided tape for fixing low-grade high-rebound materials and preparation method

    Honors & Industrial Credits

    • National Second-Level Enterprise in the 1990s
    • Recognized by Ministries (Agriculture, Light Industry, Chemical Industry)
    • Chinese Famous Brand Product in 2007
    • 30+ years of prestigious awards
    • A-Level Taxpaying Enterprise since 2016
    • 15 years Contract-Honoring & Credit-Respecting
    • Diamond Client of Bank Of China
    • Vice Chairman Unit of China Adhesive and Adhesive Tape Industry Association
    • Specialized and Sophisticated Enterprises of Guangdong Province
    • National High Tech Enterprise
    • Enterprise Technical Center of Province
    • Member unit of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and Products Branch of China Adhesive and Adhesive Tape Industry Association.

    ISO 19001-2016 & ISO 24001-2016 Certificated Tape Manufactuer


    History of Wingtai


    • As the initiator for the formulation of the industry standard “Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape” and also assisted in the formulation of the national standard “Determination of Puncture Resistance of Adhesive Tapes”
    • Recognized as “Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Guangdong Province”
    • Recognized as “Guangdong Province’s Specialized, Special and New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”
    • Awarded “Top 30 Manufacturing Enterprises” by the People’s Government of Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City


    • The 6th Five-Year Plan (2022-2026): Continue to take “refined, specialized, special and new” as the mid-term development strategy. It is a continuation of the fifth Five-Year Plan and uses the national 14th Five-Year Plan as the blueprint to strive to Create a production-oriented enterprise with low-carbon intelligent manufacturing
    • The company’s 2.7 MW photovoltaic power generation project was successfully connected to the grid to generate electricity.
    • The company’s new invention patent – a double-sided tape for fixing low-polarity, high-rebound materials and its preparation method
    • The company’s new invention patent – a water purifier filter tape and its preparation method
    • Created Wingtai’s new marketing model, Wingtai’s first offline retail store in central China was grandly opened (Wuhan flagship store)


    • The first year of the Sixth Five-Year Plan
    • Industrial upgrade, introduction of Italian two-meter width high speed coating line.