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    Wingtai Shines at the 19th Shanghai International Tape and Film Exhibition

    Wingtai dazzles at the 19th Shanghai International Tape and Film Expo with innovative products and fruitful engagements. #WingtaiInnovates

    From June 19th to 21st, the grand opening of the “19th Shanghai International Tape and Film Exhibition (Die-cutting Exhibition) and Film Flexible Packaging Exhibition” took place at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. Our company, Wingtai (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., proudly showcased its offerings at booth 23T in Hall 2.1. The event marked a significant gathering of leading domestic tape and film industry enterprises, and we presented our three major product series: “Box Sealing Tape, General Tape, and Industrial Tape,” highlighting the latest products, technologies, and innovative solutions.

    As a dedicated innovator, Wingtai demonstrated its expertise and technological prowess in product innovation, manufacturing processes, and application domains. We distributed over a thousand pieces of informational materials, all of which were eagerly received by visitors on the first day of the exhibition. Visitors arrived with a multitude of inquiries about our products, expressing particular interest in discussions about product performance, pricing, and potential collaborations. The footfall of visitors was continuous and abundant.

    For this exhibition, Wingtai prepared a comprehensive display of 51 products across three distinct areas: Box Sealing Tape Cabinet, General Tape Cabinet, and Industrial Tape Cabinet. The booth layout was designed to facilitate easy navigation, allowing visitors to explore products seamlessly. Notably, the exhibition featured the debut showcase of products like MOPP, biodegradable sealing tape, and easily peelable adhesive tape. These exhibited products boasted exceptional performance and high-quality standards, finding applications across diverse industries.

    Each visiting client received detailed explanations about our products, elucidating their unique features, advantages, and suitable applications. Moreover, we engaged in in-depth discussions with our clients, delving into the latest industry trends and market dynamics. We shared insights into development opportunities and challenges within the industry, fostering dialogue on how to adapt and respond to these changes.

    The enthusiastic response from our visitors showcased their keen interest in our products and technologies, along with their eagerness to explore deeper collaborations with us. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all the visitors for their attention and support to Wingtai.

    Moving forward, we remain committed to fostering innovation and delivering even higher quality products and services to our valued customers. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Wingtai!