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    Insights from the 26th China Adhesives & Tape Industry Annual Conference

    Gleaning insights from the 26th China Adhesives and Adhesive Tape Industry Annual Conference – fostering innovation for a sustainable future. #AdhesivesConference

    The 26th China Adhesives & Tape Industry Annual Conference, held under the theme “Energy Efficiency, Low Carbon, Quality Enhancement – Innovating for High-Quality Industry Development,” opened grandly at Shanghai’s Zhonggeng Julong Hotel on September 7th, 2023. Wingtai was honored to participate as a Vice Chairman Unit.

    The event drew over 900 participants, including representatives, engineers, and experts from domestic and international adhesive, sealant, and tape industries, as well as material suppliers, distributors, equipment manufacturers, and research institutions.

    Despite global challenges from the pandemic, geopolitical tensions, and market fluctuations in 2020-2022, China’s economy and the adhesive industry exhibited robust resilience. The year 2023 marks a new beginning for China’s economic reboot, with various government departments actively implementing stimulus policies, anticipating accelerated economic recovery in the latter half.

    In 2022, China’s adhesive and tape industry achieved a stable and rapid growth momentum, with a total sales scale exceeding 1821 billion yuan. The industry showcased an elevation in innovation, accelerated product iterations, increased industrial concentration, and intensified market competition. The total output of China’s adhesive tape industry in 2022 reached approximately 376.5 billion square meters, with sales of around 670.5 billion yuan, marking a 5.46% and 5.00% growth compared to 2021, respectively. Noteworthy increases were observed in BOPP tape sales (2.9% growth) and double-sided tape sales (8.1% growth).

    Over the past few years, the adhesive industry has experienced a broadening application scope, continuous improvement in product performance and quality standards, and a pivotal role of innovation in industry development. Environmental protection, energy efficiency, high efficiency, and quality improvement have become critical topics in the industry’s agenda. To navigate industry changes and promote innovation and transformation, companies should maintain an open, collaborative mindset, strengthen cooperation and communication, foster synergistic development across the industry chain, and consistently increase investment in research and development.

    Looking ahead, the adhesive industry’s development trends will focus on three main aspects:

    • The rapid growth in demand in new energy, automotive, electronics, and high-end applications such as aerospace, ships, and semiconductors;
    • The potential shift towards domestic products as an alternative to high-priced, high-value imported products;
    • The strong development of low-VOC adhesive tapes, aligning with “Dual Carbon” goals and national strategies for high-quality development.

    Participation in industry association exchanges benefits our technical personnel by providing insights into market trends, understanding advanced technologies, and collecting information on new materials and equipment. This facilitates better development of new products by our technical team.