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    Fragile Tape – Multilingual & Customizable

    • Our Fragile Tape, fully customizable, offers high-performance printing for all your delicate packaging needs.
    • Eco-friendly inks, dedicated spot colors, and excellent adhesion make it the perfect choice.
    • Stand out with multilingual labeling options!
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    Key Features

    • Customizable and professionally designed
    • Eco-friendly inks with dedicated spot colors
    • Suitable for fragile items
    • Excellent adhesion and competitive pricing
    • Multilingual labeling options for sealing and identification


    • Ideal for packaging fragile items
    • Enhances the safety of delicate shipments
    • Suitable for various industries, including electronics, glassware, and collectibles

    About Wingtai

    Wingtai is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering not only high quality ahdesive tape at the best price, but also excellent additional services. Welcome to wholesale customized tapes made in China from our factory.

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