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High-Strength Hot Melt Packaging Tape – Secure Seals for Cold Temps & Machines sealing

  • Conquer tough packaging challenges with our high-strength hot melt packaging tape!
  • This super-strong tape offers superior adhesion, making it ideal for cold environments, machine application, and sealing recycled cartons.
  • Keep your cartons securely closed through transit and storage with this reliable and versatile packaging solution.
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Key Features

  • The power of hot melt tape:¬†Experience exceptional holding strength with this advanced hot melt adhesive tape.
  • Tame even the toughest seals:¬†Ideal for applications requiring the strongest possible adhesion,¬†like heavy-duty carton sealing.
  • Conquer cold temperatures:¬†Performs reliably in chilly conditions,¬†making it perfect for warehouses,¬†cold storage,¬†and refrigerated transport.
  • Machine-friendly performance:¬†Streamlines automated packaging processes with instant grab and excellent holding power.
  • Recycled carton expert:¬†Bonds securely to recycled cardboard,¬†promoting sustainability without compromising performance.


  • Super-strong carton sealing:¬†Keep valuable or fragile items safe with this high-security tape.
  • Cold environment packaging:¬†Ensures strong seals in refrigerated warehouses,¬†transport,¬†and cold storage facilities.
  • Machine-applied carton closure:¬†Optimizes efficiency in automated packaging lines.
  • Recycled carton sealing:¬†Supports sustainable packaging practices without sacrificing strength.

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