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    Clear WT-VHB Acrylic Tape – Unrivaled Sealing & Adhesion

    • Wingtai-VHB tape utilizes sealed foaming technology for unparalleled water and air tightness.
    • It’s a versatile solution, offering strong adhesion to low surface energy materials like ABS, PC, PP, and more.
    • With excellent durability, UV resistance, and superior filling capabilities, it outperforms other tapes.
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    Key Features

    • Sealed foaming technology for water vapor and air tightness
    • Strong adhesion to ABS, PC, PP, PE, PMMA, CG
    • Excellent filling effect, isolates moisture, dust, and chemicals
    • Exceptional durability, weather resistance, and shockproof properties
    • UV and solvent resistance, suitable for extreme temperatures


    • Ideal for sealing and bonding in construction and automotive industries
    • Perfect for replacing screws, rivets, welding, and other fasteners
    • Used in electronics, signage, and manufacturing for superior adhesion
    • Provides noise reduction and anti-aging benefits in various applications

    About Wingtai

    Wingtai is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering not only high quality ahdesive tape at the best price, but also excellent additional services. Welcome to wholesale customized tapes made in China from our factory.

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