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Wingtai Inaugurates Innovative Labs at Yongkang Elementary School

In a heartwarming ceremony on May 31st, Yongkang Elementary School unveiled its new Maker Lab and Science Lab, generously donated and constructed by Wingtai (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. The event also included the recognition of outstanding achievements at the “Wingtai Cup” Science and Technology Festival. Wingtai’s General Manager, Hanjian He, was an honored guest at the event and had the privilege of inaugurating the new Maker Lab.


As a token of appreciation for Wingtai’s long-standing support for Yongkang Elementary School, Principal Lu presented the company with a plaque that read, “Dedicated to Science and Education, Benefiting Our Hometown.”

The school campus buzzed with joy and celebration throughout the day. Led by Principal Lu, the Wingtai team explored the campus, admiring the students’ impressive science projects and art exhibitions. They also enjoyed a vibrant and creatively performed “Children’s Day” variety show.

Wingtai (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. remains steadfast in its commitment to the principle that “our growth and innovation benefit all.” This dedication to a culture of giving back continues to be a cornerstone of the company’s corporate social responsibility. Each year, Wingtai sponsors various student-led science and technology activities. Through a rich array of science and technology festival events, students are inspired not only to love science and its related subjects but also to cultivate problem-solving skills, exploration, and the quest for innovative solutions. These initiatives effectively provide students with a platform for scientific exploration, research, and exchange, creating a true atmosphere of technology and science in which young minds can flourish.