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    Wingtai Tape’s Showcase at Shenzhen International Adhesive Exhibition

    Wingtai Tape shines at Shenzhen Expo, showcasing adhesive excellence. Grateful for client support, we're committed to quality and innovation. #WingtaiExpo

    Wingtai Tape, as a Vice Chairman Unit of the China Adhesive and Tape Industry Association and Vice Chairman Unit of the Guangdong Adhesive Industry Association, led by Sales Director Zewei Ou, participated in the inaugural 2023 Adhesive and Equipment Exhibition held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 29 to 31, organized by the Guangdong Adhesive Industry Association. Featuring a spotlight on 10 top-selling products, our booth attracted numerous visitors for in-depth discussions and consultations.

    Tailoring our presentations to meet the diverse needs of each visitor, we provided detailed explanations of their intended products, emphasizing our commitment to selecting the right products for customers and assisting them in effective usage. Throughout the exhibition, Wingtai Tape’s products garnered extensive attention. Visitors highly praised the quality and technological expertise of our products, expressing satisfaction with our services. Many clients expressed a keen interest in deeper collaboration with our company.

    This exhibition not only increased awareness of Wingtai Tape’s products and services but also served as an excellent platform for interactive communication with our customers. We sincerely appreciate all attending clients for their support and trust, and we remain committed to delivering superior products and professional services.

    Through this exhibition, we gained insights into industry development trends and market dynamics, establishing connections with numerous potential partners. This undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in propelling Wingtai Tape toward positive future development. We look forward to collaborating with more enterprises, collectively driving the prosperity and growth of the adhesive and sealant industry.